Shooting the latest collection for CW Dixey & Son, I took a series of images in Norton & Sons on a luxury tailors on Savile Row


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New Personal Project Titled 'Homelife'

I love getting to know the people and learning about their everyday lives - especially how they can have such a positive impact on others.

For my project, my intention is to capture images of these amazing people who have a disability/illness within their home environment. I want to give a personal insight in to their everyday lifestyle by spending a few hours with them - rather than 30 minutes - and intend to have a sequence of 7 - 10 shots per person.

I recently had the pleasure of starting my project off by photographing Emma Lawton, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 29. She has continued to inspire people and front campaigns for Parkinson's UK. Eventually I would like to create a series of images to enable me to put a book together and an exhibition.

Emma Lawton

Glenmark Head Shots

A new commission in my home town of Watford, Watford has several business parks and a few specialising within the pharmaceutical industry, I was commissioned directly by Glenmark to shoot the UK based team based in Watford. Going away from the standard white, we opted for the light grey to give a modern feel with key lighting to bring the eyes out.


It’s been a privilege working for AGE UK as It’s an organisation I have been personally using on behalf of my father, as they have an online shop with great products. At the moment I am updating the internal comms photography library.

DSC_8876 1.jpg
DSC_8918 1.jpg
DSC_8838 1.jpg

Nordoff Robbins

No my usually type of photography but was a great change shooting Allstaints on behalf of Nordoff Robbins and always nice to enjoy the gig. As part of their Get Loud series, music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins is holding a day of intimate gigs on 26 September which will see huge acts performing up and down the country to raise money for the cause. The charity’s aim is to bring music to life-limiting illnesses, physical disabilities or emotional challenges.


london & Quadrant 'Kerri'

A recent photo shoot for London & Quadrant....over the years I have met many staff who have previously undertaken apprenticeship courses through L&Q and are now working within the organisation. Kerri Is now working for L&Q at their head office in Sidcup and it's great to see her relaxed within her work environment.

Untitled Session1214 1.jpg
Untitled Session1284 1.jpg
Untitled Session1384 1.jpg

'The Kitchen Front' Bude

The girls had a lovely afternoon at 'The Kitchen Front' being taught some great illustrating techniques by Clair. Accompanied by a slice of amazing Lemon & Polenta Cake, glass of ginger beer and a couple of songs sung by Lizzie, they all produced some fantastic pieces of artwork which we cannot wait to collect! To top the day off, I went for a sea swim from Crooklets Bay to Summerleaze beach with Clair, who seems to do this regularly - alone - which is a little scary!   


Shoot the Frame, Annual 2017

Last year I entered several images in to the 'Shoot the Frame Awards' and the images selected as finalists have now been published in the 2017 Annual. It's great to see my work do well in competitions and it gives me pride to carry on with my personal project.  The Annual features 2 images of swimmers from my series '12° Below'.  The annual can now be purchased through Blurb....please see the link below.


Dominic, Parliament Hill Fields Lido 

Dominic, Parliament Hill Fields Lido 

Elma, Parliament Hill Fields Lido

Elma, Parliament Hill Fields Lido

Polaroid Land Camera

Being a photography student back in the late 90's and only 16 at the time, I came to realise that taking a polaroid was an every day occurrence within this industry - mainly the use of a polaroid back on a Mamiya RB67. Before pressing the shutter using a new roll of film, it was good practice to take a polaroid shot beforehand just to give you that final check with the exposure. Now, after many years without taking a polaroid, whilst away on a break to Bude a few weeks back, I went  to the local car boot sale and my eyes lit up when I saw this classic OneStep Polaroid camera. Sitting amongst general household items on a table and after a quick google search,  I knew this was an original camera - and at £10.00 I knew it was a bargain (until I realised the film cost more than the camera)!! However, nothing beats holding a polaroid in your hand and watching the image develop within a few minutes!!


Fulham Reach Boat Club

Fulham Reach Boat Club is a charity organisation that helps local children and adults develop an interest in rowing. I had the opportunity of spending a few mornings with the club to capture images they can use to build up their photography library. I wanted to take a series of images capturing scenes of them firstly picking up and carrying the boat to then setting it down in to the starting position on the River Thames!

Visit the charity below:



Millie in Brighton

A new campaign for London and Quadrant, photographing  Millie a student of Brighton University, who has recently won an award through L&Q. The key of the shoot is to show the seafront of Brighton and Millie relaxing and enjoying time amongst friends! Brighton Is still one of my favourite places to visit and as usual straight after the shoot I have take a quick dip in the sea !!



Just a bit of a personal blog to add in....for nearly 20 years I have been going back to Bude, Cornwall for long weekends. My love for Bude all started a long time ago on a school trip at the young age of 10. I always remember arriving and glancing down the cliff edge to see this magical sea pool right there on the beach waiting for the tide to come in. I still don't know why, but amongst the class I was one of a handful who decided to take the plunge and jump into the cold sea pool.  Without hesitation it inspired my love for cold water swimming, Once I started driving, I returned to Bude for a visit and have continued this journey every year since. I now enjoy taking my family and encourage my two young daughters to also take the plunge! 

Obviously it's hard for me not to bring my camera along and here are a few landscapes of Bude's Sea Pool.


An afternoon at the Wetlands!!

Working alongside a local Design Agency J2, it was nice to be commissioned to photograph local spots around Finsbury Park, unknown to me there is a nature reserve called the Wetlands! an amazing place tucked away in London with an Open Water Lake for Swimming, must pay a visit soon for my regular wild swim dip!!



Blighty Cafe 

Blighty Cafe 

Royal Veterinary College Boat Team

With a busy end of last year working for Royal Canin a renowned dog food company, it's nice to be working in similar circles with the RVC who is the largest and longest- vet school in England. I have been commissioned by Paul at Consort design to produce an array of images for future use, for there ongoing image library. The 1st shoot was to photograph there established Boat team based at Chiswick, London,  demonstrating the prep in training for up coming events! I have attached a few below!




Parliament Hill Field Lido - Going Under

With my fondness of the lido shooting my portraits poolside during the Winter season, it's good to take on a different perspective seeing the swimmers from underneath the water. Viewing the images in black & white brings alive the sense of movement while the water droplets become enhanced. 


Shoot the Face Finalist!

Very happy to inform you all that I a finalist of Shoot The Frame photography contest in the “shoot the Portrait”-category for the month of March 2018. The image was taken during the brief snow storm we had back in early March and managed to photograph Emma, who a regular cold water swimmer at Parliament Hill Fields lido!

The image is taken from my project '12° Below"

Please feel free to take a look !


Shoot the frame.jpeg

Fresh Lemon Identity

I have been working for Fresh Lemon for several years now, undertaking commission on Metal refinery sites to climbing up a crane to photography pre cast concrete ! It was nice to be asked to photograph the team at Fresh Lemon and to show of the new offices!  here are a few shots below taken from there website   www.freshlemon.co.uk

fresh lemon 2.jpg
Fresh Lemon 1.jpg

Eyewear Photography 2018

I'v been working as a photographer within the eyewear for the past 10 years working for a range of client from small boutiques to large e-comerce companies such as Glasses Direct producing large quantities of images while maintaining a high standard within my images.  All the images I take go through, post production with a keen eye to colour match the product and to minimise all unwanted reflections. I use several different set up to obtain the desired in effect for each angle, I like to add several highlight to the frame just to give that natural ping!! and to make the frame stand out!

For an initial test shoot, give me a call or send an email, always happy to meet up and have a chat!


Brown Angle.jpg
Yellow Angle.jpg
Black Angle.jpg
Brown Side.jpg
Yellow Front.jpg

Parliament hill fields lido cafe

Over the last 6 months, I have had a selection of images on display at the Parliament Hill Fields lido cafe. The Images feature the swimmers of the lido who regularly swim in cold water throughout all seasons! If you are in the area, please take a look and also sample one of the delicious cakes & hot drinks. The Current images will be up for a few more weeks with a new selection featuring the recent snow fall !!