Polaroid Land Camera

Being a photography student back in the late 90's and only 16 at the time, I came to realise that taking a polaroid was an every day occurrence within this industry - mainly the use of a polaroid back on a Mamiya RB67. Before pressing the shutter using a new roll of film, it was good practice to take a polaroid shot beforehand just to give you that final check with the exposure. Now, after many years without taking a polaroid, whilst away on a break to Bude a few weeks back, I went  to the local car boot sale and my eyes lit up when I saw this classic OneStep Polaroid camera. Sitting amongst general household items on a table and after a quick google search,  I knew this was an original camera - and at £10.00 I knew it was a bargain (until I realised the film cost more than the camera)!! However, nothing beats holding a polaroid in your hand and watching the image develop within a few minutes!!