Shaun 'Early on set Parkinson's' by Paul Meyler

During a recent trip to Manchester while photographing for the Anthony Nolan Trust, I’ve previously read about Shaun who was diagnosed with early on set Parkinson’s at an early age, He was more then happy to take park in my project. Every time I meat someone with Parkinson’s they find there own way and method of dealing with Parkinson’s, Shaun’s way is expressing himself through his tattoos and regular sessions at the gym. Again I wanted to use natural light and capture Shaun in his home-life enviroment.

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Kirk Originals by Paul Meyler

Now in my 4 year photographing for kirk Originals, I have just completed shooting the new summer range for 2019 soon tone released. Take a look at and also being featured on RAKE.

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AgeUK by Paul Meyler

The latest shoot from AgeUK sent me of to Wonderfull sea side town of Blackpool ! I met Colin who recently lost his beloved wife. On meeting Colin we instantly had a good chat before shooting. Colin has recently started to use the benefits of AGE UK and has been in touch a friendly person he can speak to on a weekly basis over the phone, not to feel on his own and to share his weekly stories.

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Genna Douglas by Paul Meyler

Genna Douglas, 37

Children Clothes Designer, Craft Lover & Ex Synchronised Swimmer

Genna is happily married with two young girls and says ‘rather than accept that this is my lot, I’ve decided to get the most out of life.  

“I need to be strong for my girls, I keep myself busy working, event planning and crafting. I’d like to help make change happen and raise funds towards vital research needed to find a much needed cure for this disease.”

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Mitchell Barnett by Paul Meyler

During the Winter of the beginning of 2019 I captured Mitchell after a 1KM swim at Parliament Hill Fields Lido.

Mitchell 45

"Having suffered with disc bulges and anxiety, the beautiful Lido is both my medicine and therapy. I love the silence in the cold water and as the father of new born twins, it gets me out of a feed"

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British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain 2017 Finalist by Paul Meyler

As the world’s longest-running and most influential voice in photography, British Journal of Photography hosted an open call for photographs that celebrate the country’s unique heritage and diversity. Portrait of Britain is first and foremost an exhibition by the people, of the people and for the people.

Of nearly 4000 entries, we have selected the portraits that capture the young and the old, reflecting not just the multiformity of British people, but also the myriad of styles and approaches to contemporary photographic portraiture.

The exhibition ran across JCDecaux's digital network of screens for 3 months.


Print Sales available through the gallery.

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